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Don't get me started on how much I love tv and music
Apr 20 '14

Hunter just hit 1MILLION followers on twitter!

go on twitter and trend #HunterHayes1Million

Apr 20 '14


lol so what happen overnight?

Hunters single “invisible” shot up to #13 on country itunes and the Pre-order album Storyline was in the #20’s is now at #8?

Apr 10 '14

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Apr 6 '14


So overnight not only did Hunter’s song Storyline reach #1 on the Country iTunes but the pre-order for the album Storyline (out May 6th) went from the 50’s to currently #19.

Feeling good about Hunter’s second album!

Apr 5 '14

*sigh* bad camera angle makes scotty look fat and short. Happy tho he’s meeting some more folks! Maybe some collaborations in the future!

Apr 3 '14

Just wanna say I wish Hunter tweeted like he did back in the day. I figure he super busy but idk man idk

Mar 31 '14

Lizzie: You knew I’d find out the truth and you wanted me

Red: To know that everything is gonna be ok. You’re going to be ok.

Mar 29 '14
Mar 29 '14
Mar 18 '14
UGH jealous of you Las Vegas folks! Free concert!

UGH jealous of you Las Vegas folks! Free concert!

Mar 13 '14
hey buddyyyy!

hey buddyyyy!

Mar 13 '14

Help Hunter & Watch official videos

Make sure you watch Invisible and Wild Card on Hunter’s OFFICIAL YouTube page. For those that don’t know, watching the OFFICIAL videos help with the placement of the song on the billboard charts! More viewings means the song will place higher & of course he gets paid for every full viewing.

Wild Card

Mar 5 '14
Our Boy is making so money! I so happy for him!clicky

Our Boy is making so money! I so happy for him!

Mar 4 '14

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Feb 19 '14